How To Get the Best Baby Portraits

Often a portrait photography appointment with young children, and babies especially, can be a stressful time for the mom. Yet it is so important to capture in lasting photography the special and irreplaceable years of childhood. So don’t be afraid to take your kids to the photographer. There are a few simple tips you can consider that will help make it a fun, easy, and successful experience.

  • Tip number one is to not take your child to the doctor the same week as you have scheduled the portrait photography session. Why? Because many babies and toddlers will associate the experience of posing and sitting still and all that with a doctor’s visit and it can spoil their mood and make it hard to keep them smiling for photos.
  • Scheduling the appointment is also an important aspect of getting the best portraits possible. It is essential that you carefully choose when the appointment will be. It’s best to avoid times where your baby will be sleepy or hungry. A well-rested, well-fed infant is likely to be happier and more cooperative. Also, make sure that it is a good time for you as well. If you schedule the photography session at a time where you are going to be in a rush, your child can pick up on your stress and become stressed also, thus ruining the carefree, smiling attitude you need for portraits.
  • When it comes to clothing, choosing an outfit that is both cute and comfortable is a good idea. Starched collars and itchy tights and such things are likely to frustrate your child. Find an outfit that they are familiar with and comfortable in and it will greatly help them maintain a cheery mood. Also, if you have multiple subjects in the photo, make sure that the colors of their outfits coordinate or it can throw off the effect of the picture.
  • Holidays are the most common time for family portraits. However, holidays are often a rushed, busy time when you’re in a hurry all the time. So for a holiday portrait, be careful not to leave the appointment until the last minute when you will be rushed and stressed.
  • It is helpful to keep in mind that the child in the appointment ahead of you may fuss and require more time than originally scheduled. Photographing young children and infants sometimes requires more time than expected. So come prepared to wait a little bit before your portrait photography session.
  • An invaluable common sense tip is to bring an extra change of clothes and whatever supplies you need to re-fix hair, makeup, etc. Accidents happen, and usually seem to happen on days when you need your child to look their best! Having a back-up plan and an extra outfit or two with you will help you be prepared for any eventuality.
  • And finally, relax and have fun. If you are enjoying yourself, your baby most likely will too, for your moods affect theirs. So laugh, smile, and make it a fun and memorable time for your family.

Sara K Blanco is an experienced San Antonio newborn photographer.