I am a lifestyle photographer using natural light to capture those little moments that mean everything to you - The old dog who sits faithfully at your feet as you sit with your morning coffee. The crooked little finger that follows the lines of his favorite book. The small, still dimpled hand that grips a pencil and traces letters that are still new. And that strand of hair that won’t stay tucked as he kisses your cheek and you soak it in.

I want to capture the connection of your relationships. The scrunched up noses as sisters giggle. The way your youngest boy twirls your hair and plays with your necklace. The way your spouse looks at you as you hold your babies. Everyone else gets the dressed up and polished, but your family gets the real you.

My approach to photography is not about the perfect attire. The perfect smiles are the ones that happen naturally. And if that worn pink shirt with the small stain in the corner is the one that makes your little girl feel fearless, let her wear it. These organic moments are what I want to preserve for you to pass down through generations.

My sessions are unscripted conversations. Nothing is more important to me than maintaining an open heart and mind and capturing the unique personalities that make up your family. I love seeing children for who they are as people, be they wild and unruly or quiet observers who hang back and take it all in.

Thank you for spending a few minutes here with me. I would really love to get to know you and yours.


All sessions take place on-location, either in your home or an outdoor space we choose together. The location can be a beautiful field at sunset or special place that has meaning to your family. I love photographing in-home sessions, there is nothing more special than the sacred space you share with your family - and it does not have to be picture perfect, home is home and that is lovely.

Life Films

These beautiful films are created at the same time I am photographing your family and show a highlight of our time together. The goal of these films is to show life as it unfolds in a moving image and includes licensed music.

What Comes Next

Let's connect!! Head over to the contact page, fill out the form, email me directly or give me a call and I will send all the pricing information to you. Session pricing starts at $400.