Maternity Photography

Unique from other types of portrait photography, maternity photography is a special and beautiful way to capture the excitement of expecting a baby. What makes maternity photography exceptional is that it’s main focus is emotion. Maternity photography not only records the temporary body development of pregnancy, but its main value is to record emotions such as love, excitement, wonder, and anticipation.

The Value of Maternity Photography

Some people view maternity photography as limited and uncreative, or as unnecessary. However, both of these views are untrue. There is a great, unparalleled value to maternity photography. This is a special stage of your life that you and your family will want to remember. Maternity photography is extremely valuable also because of its uniqueness. It’s focus is to capture emotion, therefore instead of being uncreative and limited, good maternity photography is, in fact, extremely creative.

Though locations are limited sometimes because of the health and energy of the pregnant mother, the other aspects of photography are not. And it is always a wonderful experience for a photographer to capture all the joy, the wonder, and love of an expectant mother. It is also great for the mother to be able to have photos to record and remember this time of her life. And it is also good to have maternity photography, so you can share your joy of expecting a child with family members and friends who live outside the area and may not be able to visit you while you are pregnant.

Photography Through Each Stage

There are many different stages of maternity photography and different ways to go about each stage. The place to begin maternity photography is with womb photography at the early stage of pregnancy. It was thought for a time that photography at this early stage could be detrimental to the development of the fetus. However, scientific research has shown that this is untrue. Photography is entirely safe during this time, and throughout the entire pregnancy. And the sentiments of joy and excitement that parents have in the early stage of pregnancy are beautiful emotions that are certainly a delight to capture in photography.

During the early stage of maternity photography, a popular choice is to plan the photography sessions for outdoor locations. Before sickness, exhaustion, and the discomfort of the advanced stages of pregnancy set in, it is fun to take the photos at a park, at the beach, shopping for your baby, or even at the doctor’s office. Take advantage of your ease of movement now and travel around for photography appointments, for as pregnancy progresses, it will become easier to simply take the photos at the studio or at home.

In the late stages of pregnancy, maternity photography becomes even more special. Photography sessions may be a little more difficult and you may not be feeling quite as photogenic, but the last trimester of pregnancy is still a memory you will want to immortalize in photos. It may be uncomfortable, but it is definitely worth it.

Sara K Blanco is a gifted, professional maternity photographer in San Antonio, TX.