Wedding & Portrait Photography Style

Sara’s style revolves around the subject of her portraits – you. Before each portrait session, she will personally meet with you to find out more about your life, personality, and interests. Sara’s goal in this meeting is to identify the things you hold dear – the cafe where you weekly eat lunch with your spouse, the beloved pet that is a part of your family, the place on campus where you first met your fiancé– and then to incorporate these things into your photograph, making the image an extension of your life.

Portrait sessions with Sara happen at a relaxed pace to help her capture your image in a natural setting. She carefully identifies your unique characteristics and features those in her photography. Sara will take a combination of color and black and white images, giving you a variety of options to choose from.

After your portrait session, Sara will set up a consultation to personally design your photograph collection and walk you through the process of selecting images to display in your home or office. Sara specializes in a wide variety of options from large wall hangings to individualized albums, and she will help you create a beautiful work of art that is as unique as you are.