Preparing for Your Baby’s First Photo Session

What better time to schedule a portrait photography session than when your child is just a baby? Capturing this special time of their life is so important and having these precious photos to look back upon when your child is grown is an irreplaceable joy.

There are two main aspects of your baby’s first photography session. These two things are taking photos of your child as individual portraits, and also taking portraits of the whole family. It’s important to have pictures of your child by his or her self. But photos with the whole family are also a wonderful thing to have and a popular option in newborn photography.

Individual Portraits

Typically, parents wait until their child is four to six weeks old before photography. This is for several reasons. Mainly because your baby will be fully developed by then and will be a little less delicate. Childbirth is a traumatic and exhausting event. Giving both the child and the mother a little time to recover is essential.

However, your newborn is still extremely young and this can present a challenge in photography. Photographers have found that one of the best ways to get lovely, stress-free portraits is to photograph the child while he or she is sleeping. Not only does this make for absolutely adorable photos, but it makes it easier on everyone, especially your baby, who may be easily overwhelmed by the new experience of cameras, posing, and the new environment of the photography studio.

Family Portraits

Portraits with more the one subject are sometimes more difficult to capture well, but they also present a whole new world of creativity when it comes to poses. Your photographer will most likely have a repertoire of portrait poses that they keep in mind and can suggest for you. However coming up with a few on your own is always fun and special.

A common idea when it comes to mother and child photos is to have the baby sleeping on the mother’s chest. This is a beautiful, intimate pose that always looks wonderful. For a father and child portrait, a fun and touching pose is to compare the size of the hands and feet. Having your baby clutching one of daddy’s big fingers in its tiny hand never fails to draw an “aawww” out of everyone who looks at the photo.

Preparation Tips

The number one tip for preparing your baby for his or her first photo session is to bring extra clothes, wipes, hair supplies, etc. with you to the appointment. Accidents always tend to happen on those days when you need your child to look their best. So being prepared for any circumstance is always a wise idea. Bringing an entirely different option as a backup plan is advice usually recommended by all photographers.

In the initial preparation at home, it is best to save the getting ready until the last minute. Save enough time for getting ready so that you do not have to rush or be stressed, yet make sure that you won’t have any extra time between then and the photography appointment. Because the more time between getting ready and photographing, the more chance your baby has for a mishap or accident that might mess up their hair or clothing.

Also, it is important to consider carefully when to schedule your photography session. Avoid scheduling it during a time of the day when your child will be tired or hungry. Also, make sure it is at a time when you will not have to be rushed or stress. Your mood will greatly affect your child’s mood, so maintaining a relaxed, cheerful attitude and enjoying yourself is key to a great photography session and capturing wonderful pictures.