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San Antonio Newborn Photographer In a blink of an eye, your child will be all grown up. Take advantage of the first few weeks of your baby and have his or her portrait taken. Sara K. Blanco Photography offers excellent services for maternity, family, and new born photography. Sara, our San Antonio newborn photographer has kids of her own and can easily handle photo shoots with babies.  

Newborn photography requires a special skill set—the photographer must actually knowhow to hold, comfort, wrap, pose, and soothe a baby. Because the baby runs the entire show, the average photo shoot takes around is 3 to 4 hours and is usually taken up by almost everything else but taking photos. A good San Antonio based newborn photographer is therefore patient and calm, never rushing but also efficient. The best baby photographers have a cheerful disposition, as babies tend to pick up on stress. It also helps if the photographer is a member of professional organizations such as the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. Newborns are very delicate, so the photographer should be trained on special handling techniques. 
The best time to take newborn portraits is during the first few days of a baby’s life, before two weeks. During this stage, babies are still sleepy and ‘womb-like,’ making it easier to set them up in cute poses. You can choose to use props such as fluffy blankets, headbands, or hats. Just make sure that all props are safe for babies. Finally, before you work with a photographer, check for business and liability insurance. Real professionals are always insured. 
For best results, hire San Antonio-based newborn photographer, Sara K Blanco. Call us at 210.884.8969 or leave a message here on our website. 
San Antonio Newborn Photographer
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