New Brand Film!!!

I’ve had a dream for the past 15 years.  A dream that started when I fell in love with my husband and a dream that continued to grow over the last 13 years of marriage.  A dream that both of us have worked endless hours for and sacrificed all the frivolous things for.  A dream that finally came true last summer and one that we will forever be thanking our lucky stars for!!!

I’ve been working full-time in my business for the past 13 years, but just last summer, my husband took the leap to work full-time in his own graphic design business!!!  It was a wee bit scary, but as with everything we do, we were in it together and that made it just plain fun.

I asked my talented friend, Brittany, to remake my brand film to include this new version of my life and business and she blew it out of the water!!!  I wanted to show my incredible clients that this business of mine is a dream I’ve worked my whole life for and every minute I put into it is a family effort.  I am truly thankful everyday and will never take this life, this dream for granted. 

I asked the adorable Rawls family to help me with this project and after I assured Emily wild children are my ideal clients, she agreed.  I have admired Emily and Andy for the few years I have known them, both being self-employed and chasing dreams of their own.  They are as sweet and welcoming as anyoney could be and watching them love their precious babies was such a joy for me.  I love this session so so much and am so thankful they were willing to be there for me through this project!!!  Also, you have to check out Andy's amazing handcrafted furniture, he is incredibly talented!!!