Fall Family Sessions

It's that time again, you know the one, the time of year when your babies start back to school and life begins to get real after summer break.  The time of year you start thinking of the holidays and planning your holiday cards to include the perfect photo of your beautiful family to show how much you have all changed.  It's the time of year that my clients reach out to snag the last available dates of the year and a time I look forward to seeing everyone!!!

It's also the time of year for photographers that we miss a lot.  We miss school class parties, last minute girl's nights outs and begin to postpone our own date nights.  We miss a heck of a lot of sleep and any hang time we may have gotten accustomed to over the summer.  We miss a lot, but we make the sacrifices it takes to keep our businesses going - to save up for the slow seasons, to stash away for christmas gifts and to make connections with the clients who keep shoes on our children's feet and a roof over their heads.

A few years ago it really hit me, what goes into the preparation of each family session, both for me and for my clients. I spend time chatting with each of my clients about their families, their style and their hopes for each session.  I spend time gathering my thoughts along with my equipment, eating a hearty meal (always eating :)) securing childcare and checking travel times.  For my clients it's wardrobe shopping, getting haircuts and nails done, rearranging naps and mealtimes, leaving work early to prepare all of the things that need to happen to ensure clean and happy children.   This process we all go through is to make sure that by the time you show up to your session, the pressure is off and everyone involved will have a good time!  We will play, we will explore and we sure as heck are gonna snuggle (you, not me).  I am there to let life happen as it will, laughter, tickles, sometimes tears and snack breaks for tiny ones.  We are there to create images that tell the beautiful story of your family at this time in your lives.  My goal is so much more than creating an image for your holiday card.

All of this to say, I will no longer offer mini sessions.  I have been cutting them back over the years and to be honest, I feel like I have set myself and my clients free from the time limit and I don't miss it one bit.  It finally hit me that spending 15-20 minutes actually photographing my clients just didn't feel right anymore.  It didn't allow me the time to create the images that inspire, the images that my clients treasure.   We were all rushed and my parents were stressed that the kids weren't shaping up quickly enough and the entire process would leave me feeling a bit empty.  That is just NOT what I want your experience with me to be.  I strive to create an environment of love, adventure, excitement and joy at every session I have and minis just don't foster that energy.  

I know that photography is a luxury and it's not for everyone, however, for those who invest in me I want to invest just as much of myself back in them.  I value each of you and hope to work with you all for many years to come.  Watching your family grow in love is one of the greatest joys of my life and I will be forever grateful.

I will leave you with this quote from my very dear friend.  I talk her ear off about my passion for people on the regular and she just gets me.  She also sends me these nuggets of gold that bring tears instantly.  It is such a incredible thing to be seen by another and I want every single one of my clients to feel just that....I see you and the beautiful way you love your people, my hope is to create images that tell your story of love.

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