Imagine your favorite time of day with your people. Are you snuggled up close on the back porch, steaming mug of coffee in hand, tucked next to your partner while your bed-headed children are playing at your feet?

Are you singing in the kitchen while you prepare a meal to share with your family at the very table that has held so many meaningful conversations? Or are you beginning the night-time routine that starts with bathing your babies and rocking them to sleep before you curl up on the couch with your beloved?

No matter what it is that tugs at your heart when you stop and think about your family, be it the fleeting moments of your little babies or the constant presence of your partner in this life, I designed this session to take you back to that place.


These sessions take place in your home and include:

· 3-4 hours of photography

· 8.5x11 hardcover coffee table book

· a Life Film

· all full resolution digital files on a custom USB

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creative session

The day to day of life seems to gather momentum and speed us through each year faster than we can catch our breath.  There are so many instances where we yearn for time to slow down, just enough to watch our children play a little longer and need to hold our hand a little tighter.  To walk hand in hand with our lover and delight in the sounds of the birds in the trees over our heads

This easy going session is perfect for capturing the year to year growth and changing of your family.

We can choose a location that best represents the style and energy of your family, be it dancing in a field at sunset, splashing in the creek on a hot summer day or a wooded trail walk at sunrise.


These sessions take place in your home or on location and include:

· 1-2 hours of photography

· all edited digital files on a custom USB

(for immediate family, maternity, newborn, seniors or couples)

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Maternity & New Born

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, could anything be more exciting? Each little kick is as exciting as the first one you felt and the love you feel for your partner seems to intensify.  I mean, you guys have created LIFE!!! I love preserving this journey for you. My goal is to capture the joy, the crazy love and the beauty you possess as you carry that baby inside you and then as you welcome that bundle into your home.

Capturing those first days at home with your new family is an incredibly sacred time and I treat it as such. I want to capture the tiny, flaky hands and feet, the family dog sitting guard nearby and the complete look of awe on your face as you stare at your precious baby.


Maternity session will take place in your home or at an outdoor location and includes:

· 1 hour of photography

· all edited digital files

Newborn session will take place in your home and includes:

· 1-2 hours of photography

· all full resolution digital files on a custom USB





Fresh 48 session

There is nothing sweeter than a brand new baby, still squishy and sleepy and needing nothing but the scent of their mother and the loving arms of their family holding them tight. This simple session is for capturing that inocent newborn face and wrinkly little feet, those first few moments of bonding with your baby.

It’s also an incredible moment to introduce them to older siblings and capture those first excited expressions and welcoming snuggles.


These sessions take place at the hospital within the first 48 hours of your newborn’s life and include:

· 45-60 minutes of photography

· all edited digital files on a custom USB

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Life Films - $300

Life Films are a home movie style film that compliments the still images from your session.  It’s 2-3 minutes and set to licensed music.  It is included with the Life Style Session or available as an add-on with any other session.


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