Photography has been home for me since I received my very first film camera when I turned 16.  It was a tool of healing after losing my dad at 19.  It was my comfort, during the first years of motherhood when I felt like I was losing my mind during exhausted days and sleepless nights.  It has become the way I see the world and communicate my love for the people around me.

I chose photography as a path for my life when I was a teenager and I have never wavered.  I managed studios for other photographers and learned about the business before I ever started shooting.  Photography as a business was a choice I made and continue to make all these years later.  

It is my deepest desire to help those who may be struggling and not sure of their place in this industry.  As the years move forward and so much emphasis has been placed on popularity and social media presence, it’s important to me to reach those getting lost on their path.  I want to help you remember why you chose this as your career and implement practical tools to keep you on track.

Phone Sessions

Option 1)  A five day one-on-one mentoring session.  Prior to our first conversation, I will review your website/portfolio along with your written goals for our time together.  We will begin our journey with a 1-2 hour phone conversation where we will dig deep into your why for this business, your goals and your biggest struggles.  I will give you some things to work on throughout the coming week, as well as being available to you during that time for any questions or thoughts you may have.  We will plan another chat at the end of our week together - $1200

Feature 2

If you’re almost where you want to be, but need a little more encouragement or guidance to reach your next goal!!  This will include a website/portfolio review prior to our 1-2 hour phone conversation - $300

In-Person Sessions

Includes a full day of business, shooting and editing.  We will dive headfirst into your deepest desires for your business.  I will give a complete website/portfolio and branding review.  We will go over a full session from beginning to end - client communication, styling and location, connecting with a family during an actual shoot and editing - $1600